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Friday, April 8, 2011

New CD. Review..."Warlock Rituals"


This solo band here has made it clear to me his band is not a band to be messed with! The art reminds me of old Darkthrone covers, and the logo has more of a doom/death metal look then black metal. The inside of the art told me if I were to play it, I would be haunted and drawn by entitys from beyond our reality, I dont care because I already have it bad enough here already. I welcome that enregy when it comes to making music, and I really got a kick listening to this album as well. The intro is so long, and frightening I doubt you would want to play it at full blast unless you want to raise the dead. Hence the name of thee album, WARLOCK RITUALS...

This band is from Denver, Colorado, and is a USA BM band with a spiritual essence about them that strikes notice to any one that first puts this cd on from start to finish. Very European sound here. From the depths of the unknown, to hell and back! This band stands strong to its old edge sound all the while adding a Watain like ritualistic powers to the many layers of shrieking, grim, and rawness that slows down, goes a bit faster, and then draws you into a pool of its own venomous cult like energy.

The band also has some doom riffs in the mix of things, and also some spoken word parts that throw you off in parts of the songs. The guitars are always hypnotizing, and menacing. They remind me of how I play actually. Its atmosphere also is very dark, and penetrating, but punky at times which I enjoy very much!

Satanism, Left Hand Path, the whole vibe of the occult, and dark energies are surrounded on this album. I dare a born again Christian to listen to this! The album overall gets a big rise out of me, and its sound overall is not totally clean/digitized or straight forward as many bands you hear today. This is the reason why I like making black metal from its roots in the first place on guitar, but alterting the madness to a new level therefore creating a hybrid of what was already sickening, and meant to be the strongest and evilest form of metal in the first place! This "Dark Priest" guy, Elixir, knows exactly how to do it in such a over the top matter, but keeping it to its roots, satanic, ritualistic, brash and loud, and keeping it as deformed as possible without being bothered by over the top static and noise. This is a very strong black metal album to say the least! Hails! -D -l-


(2009 - Present) Vox, Lryx, Instruments, Dark Sounds for Satanic Black Metal project, "DARK PRIEST." (1994-2009) Vocalist / Lyricist for Legendary American Satanic Metal Band, "SATAN'S HOST." (1991-1994) Vocalist / Lyricist for Denver, CO. Thrash Metal Band "SHRANK!" (1989 -1991) Vocalist / Lyricist for Denver, CO. Satanic Metal Band "AERIAX." Aspire to write more Satanic Metal CD's, as with Books of Dark Poetry and Diaries of a Metal Musician. Keep creating more Black Bibles of Theories and Practices threw the Art of Satanic Metal. Passionate in my Art, Love Family and Friends. A Workaholic when it comes to my Metal / Lyrics / Composing / Recording & Touring. Seeking my Beauty, my Eternal Balance in this Life....

1) Invocation...999 "Opening Lucifers Gate"
2) Evil Orison Divine
3) Witch - Blood / Destructive Curse
4) Black Sun - Black Flame "Satanic Inspiration"
5) Succubus...666 Evoking Eosphorus Lilitu
6) Summoning Khrafasta Pt. I

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  1. Lovely... Just exceptional, the purity of such beautiful darkness. Thank you for posting the biography, I love Darkthrone, so naturaly I'd love this. Plus, the satanic influences are amazing and almost essential in any black metal. It is the complete reverse of that discusting gospel... not music, vile worthless self pityful garbage.
    And I can't believe some people tried making 'christian' black metal... Revolting