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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dark Priest

Hail Legions World Wide 9.

This past Live Satanic Ritual of Metal was great Success. Thanx unto all who participated on this Sacred Eve, your Energy was of the purest degrees.  Would like to give thanks unto Satanic Brothers, Loki Evil for his Vox assistance at this gathering, as with Drumming assistance from C.D. of Megrims Blight. You two truly are of the L.H.P. Strong...666. Thanx Again, 'Power of Satan Compels Us to Greatness...999.'

 Sending Energy unto the USBMS CO. Division for the opportunity to perform this, Raw & Rare new Art form of Satanic Ritual Metal Live.  "Devour the Weak, Only the Truly Evil-Strong & Dedicated Survive."

New CD.

Release Jan. 2011.
Black Magick, Inc.

L.C.F. Elixir...418
Dark Priest.

Hail Satan...666


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